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It is a very thin light- sensitive layer of tissue on which the projected visual information is then forwarded to the brain.

At the very center of the retina is the macula. The macula is a very specific portion of the retina as it is responsible for central vision, namely recognizing complex shapes, fine objects, and it is used for reading.

Sometimes macular holes formed in the area that interferes with its normal operation. These holes severely affect vision, particularly reading and other visually complex tasks, such as knitting, soldering, etc.

Macular hole is a defect at the central part of the retina when the tear occurs through the retina.


THE Normal retina IS inside the pressed vitreous humor, a gel-forming body inside the eye. All people as they age have an ongoing vitreous detachment.

In cases where it is closely fused with the retina, vitreous disturbance is formed, as a result, it distorts the retina, creating cracks and holes.

If vitreous deformation is formed at the macula, it is known as a vitreomacular traction.

Vitreomacular traction is a condition in which the vitreous gel has an abnormally strong adhesion to the retina. Over time, the gel tends to pull forward and can cause vessel and retinal distortion causing retinal swelling and decreased vision. This in turn can lead to a macular hole.

What can the doctors suggest ?

The only way to treat macular holes is surgery. Eye drops and glasses are ineffective.

Some patients decide to affected non-operated eye, assuming that the central vision will be reduced. Typically, this happens when the other eye is healthy and outcome good.

Operation, during which surgery is being treated macular hole, called vitrectomy. During the operation, a gel-forming mesh structure is removed in the field to make it clear the retina macular area. Then there is introduced into the eye, a gas bubble, which presses against the retina and pushed it back.

The Gas bubble is eventually absorbed by the body, but the inside of the eye is filled intraocular fluid. In this way the retina remain in place.

How much visual acuity is recover after the operation is determined by the size of the hole, as well as how long it was before the surgery.

You certainly should consult with your doctor in deciding on the conduct of the operation !