For more than 20 years, lasers have been employed in ophthalmology and medicine to provide a wide range of treatments. Nowadays, laser therapy is an indispensable part of the treatments offered by eye clinics. Lasers are most frequently employed to treat problems of the retina, for cataracts and in glaucoma.

The laser is a device emitting a specific light beam with a certain wavelength (colour) and a certain character. Depending on the wavelength, the power of the beam size and the time mode of operation, the laser beam of light energy emitted from a laser source can be exactly targeted to change specific eye tissues. Depending on the nature of the laser beam, the energy affects only certain cells or a certain area without damaging the surrounding tissue. The laser beam can produce a wide range of responses in target tissues, creating thermal (photocoagulation, photo disruption etc.), photochemical (photo-ablation, or refractive surgery) or ionizing effects.

Thanks to the laser beams exact accuracy of targeting and operational specificity, the method is effective and safe, with the minimum possible adjacent tissue injuries and a low risk of complications.

AdamEye Eye Center offers a wide range of laser treatment options with modern latest generation for laser Quantel Medical Optimum Fusion and Vitra Multispot. Quantel Medical Optimum Fusion is an innovative solution that combines multiple laser modes – YAG and STL, and allows one machine to realize the most comprehensive treatment program for the eye front segment. Optimum Fusion neodymium, or Nd : YAG laser emits near infrared rays of 1,064 nanometres  wavelengths but has a selective laser radiation in the green of 523 nm wavelength . Quantel Medical Vitra Multispot laser emits a green light 532 nm for photocoagulation of the posterior segment of the eye laser surgery – a precise and controlled retinal photocoagulation treatment.

  • SLT or selective trabeculoplasty – open-angle glaucoma surgery with selective laser.
  • Laser iridotomy – narrow-angle glaucoma surgery with a YAG laser.
  • Dorsal kapsulotomy – secondary cataract cleavage of YAG laser.
  • Panretinal photocoagulation or PRP – newly retinal vascular lock with green light laser treatment of diabetic retinopathy patients.
  • Photocoagulation to decrease the risk of delamination – retinal welding attachment using a green light laser.

Laser procedures are carried out in an outpatient office certified under the highest quality standards and requirements. It is a medical manipulation carried out by highly specialized and experienced ophthalmologists with the highest quality hardware.
The laser treatment is a painless procedure, after which the patient does not need to stay in the clinic. The duration of the procedure, the need for analgesia during the postoperative period is dependent on the type of surgery.
AdamEye eye center medical staff will give advice about treatments and if a decision is made to carry out treatment will provide all relevant instructions before and after the treatment.