Eye center price list

Consultations Prices
Eye doctor consultation 40 EUR
Ophthalmologist consultation with an optometrist referral from AdamEye 5 EUR
Optometrist consultation and evaluation of refraction
Full visual checking and correction ( spectacles prescription, contact lens fitting, training )
30 EUR
Repeated optometrist consultation (within 1 year) 15 EUR
Certain tests and options executed optometrist or nurse Prices
Eye examination with optical coherence tomography (OCT) 45 EUR
Contactless eye pressure and corneal thickness measurement (non-contact tonometry and pachymetry) 10 EUR
Anterior part of the evaluation using the biomicroscope 20 EUR
Posterior pole of the eye and retina investigation with biomicroscope and SuperField lens 20 EUR
Visual field 30 EUR


Injection and procedures Prices
Parabulbar injection without medication 15 EUR
Intravitreal injection 150 EUR
Lāzerfotokoagulation anterior / posterior part using YAG , argon , SLT laser 200 EUR


Surgery (1 eye) Prices
Glaucoma microsurgery operation 650 EUR
Glaucoma implant 200-650 EUR
Cataract surgery 650 EUR
Surcharge for toric / multifocal implants 70-699 EUR
Strabismus correction surgery 444-699 EUR
Eyelid Surgery 650 EUR
Vitrectomy 3000 EUR
Refractive laser surgery 699 EUR
Combined cataract and glaucoma surgery 699 EUR
General anesthesia 1250 EUR
Micropulse 300 EUR
Endolaser 699 EUR

Biorevitalization Prices
Eyes area 45 EUR
Face (2 ml) 90 EUR
Face, neck and décolleté (5 ml) 140 EUR
Hands (2 ml) 90 EUR
Hands (5 ml) 140 EUR
Lips biorevitalization 100 EUR

Botulinum toxin injections Prices
Forehead area 45-90 EUR
Glabella area 55-80 EUR
Eyes area 45-90 EUR
Lips area 5-20 EUR
Cheek area 15-20 EUR

Hyaluronic Acid Injection (Fillers) Prices
Lip augmentation and correction (0,5ml) 105 EUR
Lip augmentation and correction (1ml-2ml) 170-250 EUR
Correction of cheekbones, chin and face contour (1ml-2ml) 170-250 EUR
Nose shape correction (0,5-1ml) 105-170 EUR
Small wrinkle correction (0,5ml-1ml) 105-170 EUR
Cheekbone, labial folds, nose shape corrections (1ml-2ml) 170-250 EUR
Glabella wrinkle correction (0,5ml-1ml) 105-170 EUR

Mesotherapy Prices
Derma pen mesotherapy 40-50 EUR
Mesotherapy of the scalp to increase hair growth 30-40 EUR