At the AdamEye eye center there is available a wide range of ophthalmological consultations. Qualified and experienced ophthalmologists, who are constantly practicing outside Latvia are able to make a complete eye disease diagnosis and recommend and provide a high standard of treatment. The eye center is equipped with modern and innovative hardware, and continues to introduce more and more new technology, thus extending the range of procedures and treatment options available.

At the AdamEye center are already available:

  • Laseropthalmology
  • Diagnostics using optical coherence tomography
  • Retinal disease diagnostics and surgery intravitreal injection
  • Cataract surgery with high-quality intraocular lenses strabismus surgery
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Visual inspection and optical service
  • Visual training overload to deal with visual problems
  • Hard gas permeable and Scleral contact lens fitting, production and supervision


Optical coherence tomography retinal investigation with discount.

Eye Center

Selective lasertrabekuloplasty 220 glaucoma treatment with 75 % discount.

Eye Center

AdamEye team offers external advice.

AdamEye professionals with their own equipment will come to your chosen location throughout Latvia, to regional hospitals, culture houses, large companies, etc. Minimum consultations per event day – 40.

For these outings AdamEye offers a particularly friendly approach and reasonable price.

More about the offer, dates and prices can be obtained by writing an e -mail to: info@eyes.center

AdamEye Eye Center also offers visual examination to determine refraction and therefore correct eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions. Visual examinations are carried out using autorefraction keratometry and digital foroptery, allowing determination of refraction more quickly and accurately. Visual investigations by graduate optometrists will also assess eye health and if necessary may recommend additional investigations and eye center ophthalmologist advice. The center is working with the most complex refractive conditions, and is individually recommending the best and most appropriate solutions to any problems.AdamEye optometrists specialize in the stresses caused by vision problems in their diagnosis and therapy. Specially designed vision therapy, optimal proximity load balancing, eye exercises and correct environmental ergonomics can be decisive for vision health and to preserve the ability to work. AdamEye Eye Center is the only Latvian company which offers a unique sports vision therapy.

AdamEye eye center is also available on-optic service, with a wide range of frames and eyeglass lenses and sunglasses offers.

AdamEye Eye Center performs laser surgery for glaucoma, cataract and retinal diseases and employs the latest generation of SLT and Nd: YAG lasers. These Lasers have the advantage of multidisciplinary features with electronic control and high accuracy. Laser treatment is outpatient oriented and is a painless manipulation that following treatment  immediately allows you to return to your normal daily rhythm.For diagnoses of retina and posterior poles of eye disease, in addition to the usual investigation methods, AdamEye eye center can perform optical coherence tomography (OCT). This is a modern approach to early and accurate retina and posterior pole diagnosis and control.In serious retinal disease cases, the decision on the initiation of treatment should be adopted immediately and intravitreal injection of drugs may be the only chance to save vision. AdamEye eye center is able to get the diagnosis right and provide medication through intravitreal injection.AdamEye Eye Centre Ophthalmologists also perform eye surgery – cataract, retina and eye muscle surgery and strabismus correction. It is also possible to have eyelid correction, for medical indications and for aesthetic reasons. These can significantly improve the quality of life and internal comfort.Glaucoma and ocular hypertension is diagnosed and evaluated because of the importance of regular intraocular pressure measurements and evaluation of visual field control. In the AdamEye eye centre, intraocular pressure is measured with a contactless tono-planimeter which, by evaluating corneal thickness, allows pressure readings to be measured more objectively than by standard methods.